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Marmaduke Pickthall

Marmaduke Pickthall was a Western Islamic scholar noted for his English translation of the Quran. A convert from Christianity, Pickthall was a...

Books: With The Turk In Wartime

Interests: Quran, Arabic and Languages


Mehmet Gormez

Mehmet Gormez is the former President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs and as such, he is legally the highest Islamic cleric in Turkey and the...

Books: --

Interests: Hadith, Islam and Ottoman


Mohamed A. Azeez

Imam M. A. Azeez is the Co-Founder and Senior Imam of the Tarbiya Institute in California. He possesses a diverse background in medicine, social...

Books: Imam and the Atheist



Mohamed Geraldez

That is the story of Mohamed Geraldez — a business nomad, who after travelling to more than 50 countries admits that he pretty much lives on a...

Books: To God Through Money



Mohammed Faris

Mohammed Faris is the founder of – an online social enterprise dedicated to boosting productivity in the Muslim world. He's an...

Books: The Barakah Effect, The Productive Muslim

Interests: Productivity and Self Help


Moneer Hameed Tolephih

Prof. Moneer Tolephih, PhD, is President of the University of Baghdad which is the largest University in Iraq. Previous roles included President of...

Books: Wisdom for Leadership



Mostafa al-Badawi

Mostafa al-Badawi is a consultant psychiatrist and member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. He studied under many shaykhs, foremost among whom...

Books: Man and the Universe

Interests: Literature, Modern Arabic and Spirituality


Muhammad Abdul Bari

Muhammad Abdul Bari is a Bangladeshi born British physicist, writer, teacher, community leader and the current secretary of Muslim Aid charity. He...

Books: Race, Religion & Muslim Identity in Britain

Interests: Education, Community and Politics