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24 June 2022

This is a translated transcript of an interview on Facebook Live with Sujimy Mohamed on 24 Jun 2022, conducted in Malay, regarding the appropriateness of discussing sex in public:

30 January 2023

Professor Joel Hayward, a scholar of Islam considered to be one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims. With his new book The Warrior Prophet: Muhammad and War

2 April 2021

Claritas Books has taken the opportunity to interview Professor Joel Hayward, a scholar of Islam

21 September 2018

A snapshot into what the Halal is going on and Professor Wilson’s new book on Halal Branding

12 June 2018

Author Joel Hayward discusses his work in several seemingly unrelated genres — non-fiction, fiction and poetry — and the Holy Qur’an’s transformational role in his life

1 February 2018

We asked Sharif H. Banna about the challenges in the publishing industry over the next 10 years