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Ibn al-Jawzi

Ibn al-Jawzi Ali b. Muhammad Abu al-Farash b. al-Jawzi was born between 507–12 H./1113-19 CE to a fairly wealthy family in Baghdad. Imam Ibn...

Books: Advice To My Son



Ibn al-Marzuban

Muhammad ibn Khalaf ibn al-Marzuban was a philologist of Persian origin who died in 921 CE (309 AH). He was a scholar of hadith, poetry and the...

Books: The Superiority of Dogs

Interests: Hadith, Poetry, Quran and Tafsir


Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani

Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani was born in Cairo in 1372. He began his studies at the age of five and completed the memorisation of the Quran by the age of...

Books: Preparing for the Day of Judgement

Interests: Bukhari and Exegesis


Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali was a Muslim scholar born in Baghdad, Iraq in the year 736 AH/1335 CE and a popular exponent of the legal school of Imam Ahmad...

Books: On Remembering Death

Interests: Fiqh, Jursiprudence and Hadith


Ibn Taymiyah

Ibn Taymiyah was born in Harran in the year 661 AH, and his father and family relocated to Damascus in his youth. In Damascus he embarked upon his...

Books: In Defence of the Four Imams

Interests: Islamic Jurisprudence, Fiqh and Law


Ibrahim Kalin

Dr Ibrahim Kalin currently serves as the Spokesperson to the President of Turkey. He is a former fellow at the Prince Alwaleed Center for...

Books: Reason & Rationality in the Quran

Interests: Philosophy, Turkey, History, Politics and Poetry