To God Through Money

To God Through Money

Mohamed Geraldez


240 pages / Published: 2019


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This true story begins with a young woman giving birth to a boy, alone in a Californian hospital. His childhood pursuit of candy, music, money and figuring out whether he’s part of the Hispanic, Black, White or Asian crowd, makes him soul search before he embarks on a spiritual journey. Trading his surroundings of beaches, booze, drugs, guns, murder and gangs — for several years in the Saharan Desert and the Middle East, he lives the life of a nomad and student of ancient knowledge. The twist in the tale is that an entrepreneur returns — focused on independence and living according to a philosophy which he calls ‘Happy Money.’

That is the story of Mohamed Geraldez — a business nomad, who after travelling to more than 50 countries admits that he pretty much lives on a plane. Mohamed is active in the industries of fashion, finance, technology and food and is a partner at London based business and brand strategy firm, Dragonfly Black. He has a BSc degree in Psychology, an MBA in Business and has studied the Islamic sciences for four years in Syria, Morocco, Mauritania andthe Saharan Desert. Mohamed is a dynamic conference speaker and has delivered talks at Harvard University, the University of Oxford and was also invited to dine at the White House with the former President of the United States, Barack Obama.


To God Through Money










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