Heavenly Voice: Abdul Basit Abdel Samad

Heavenly Voice

Abdul Basit Abdus Samad 1927-1988

Tarek Abdul Basit


70 pages / Published: 2021


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Widely considered to be one of the greatest Quran reciters of the modern era, Abdul Basit Abdus Samad received the global acclaim that no other Quran reciter has received to this day.

Born in 1927 in a village in Upper Egypt, he finished memorising the entire Quran by heart at the tender age of ten. He also learnt the seven styles of Quran recitation by the age of twelve and the ten styles of Quran recitation by the age of fourteen.

In 1951, at the age of nineteen, he went to the capital Cairo for the first time and recited the Quran at Zaynab Mosque. It was an event where many famous Quran reciters were present. His performance was so outstanding that the crowd requested him to recite beyond his allocated ten minutes — in fact, he continued to recite for over an hour and a half.

There began his journey of ascension. In the same year, he started reciting the Quran on Egyptian National Radio.

Abdul Basit later went on to win three international Quran competitions in the seventies and toured the world mesmerising audiences with his breathtaking recitation. He was the founding president of the Union of Quran Reciters in Egypt.

He was dubbed the “Golden Throat and the Voice of Heaven” due to his melodious style, remarkable breath control, and unique emotional and engaging tone. His legacy remains unmatched as Quran reciters across the world attempt to imitate his unique and mesmerising style.

This profile charts his journey from a village in Upper Egypt to international fame and recognition.


Heavenly Voice










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